Is That a Giant Eraser?

That was the question on the minds of many women at the recent conference for the National Association of Women Business Owners in San Diego. The giant, 10 foot eraser drew people’s attention from across the hall. As they came over to find out if it actually was a giant eraser, our team invited them to sign the eraser as a symbol that they would use their business to help erase extreme poverty.

The response was fantastic! We had a steady line up of women business owners (and a few men!) excited to sign the eraser and have their picture taken. You can see pictures at
The giant eraser has proven to be a memorable and fun way to raise awareness about the Erase Poverty movemet.

Do you know of an upcoming event that we could bring the giant eraser to in the southern California area? Please contact us and let us know! We look forward to sharing the giant eraser with thousands more this fall.