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Save 5, Give 5... It means extra savings for you, and a hand up for someone living in poverty. Hire PaintGreen for your painting project, and we'll give you 5% off and ALSO donate 5% to fund micro-loans through Erase Poverty. Just mention Erase Poverty at the time of the bid. Max $250 discount and $250 donation per job.
Who We Are : 
At PaintGreen, we strive to provide a positive painting experience for all our San Diego clients. We paint in a professional manner, are courteous of our client's needs, and are committed to painting in an Environment of Integrity. The paint and materials we use are of premium quality, each painter pays close attention to detail, and all our clients agree that we are a hard-working and motivated group of painters.
What We Do: 
The best way to paint in an environmentally friendly way is to paint it right the first time. Quality paint applied properly with thorough prep will last several times longer than paint applied poorly. Even though they are not currently certifying painters we are committed to following the principles outlined by the San Diego County Green Business Program. We use paints that have been Green Seal Certified containing little or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Why We Care: 
We're all on this world together!